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 Nirmala College, a pioneer in education is an establishment with over 60 years of successful track record. With student strength of over 3000, we have various departments giving top standard professional education which is running smoothly due to dedicated team work of our teachers. A student stepping out of our college is well —equipped to face the competitive world.

NCIT has a history of churning out illustrious students, who have made a mark for themselves in different spheres of life. But it is not the result of only academic work. We at NCIT combine studies with different activities to bring out the best in our students within a span of time they are in our college, the students are equipped with soft skills, and they realize their potential through presentations, seminars, GDs, as well as Social work and Art fest.

And to make this happen, each department have their own clubs, organizing different activities.

1. Department of information technology. 

Masterminds, the prestigious club of Information Technology Department began its successful journey since 2006. Masterminds with its motto ' Magic with Logic' makes never ending magic with incomprehensible logic, fills the vacuum minds with inspiration and new vigor for new ventures and endeavors for which our heart throb and thirst. It urges to take a new step and leave their own foot marks in the trodden paths. Various activities are organized under the club for the development of interpersonal skills like communication, presentation style, confidence and personality.

A very active Alumni of the department is also formed and annual meeting are conducted. Many social service activities are also executed through the Alumni like medical help, scholarships etc for the students of IT Dept.

2. Department of Management.

    Management Club Prayag organized various activities in 2015-16. Below is the brief of the activities. 

                                                                          Don’t read success stories,

                                                                          You will get only message...

                                                                                 Read failure stories

                                                                You will get some ideas to get success..!! 

The very idea of organizing Bizcraft 15 was evolved from the above famous quote. In line with this, the theme of preliminary round competition was to analyze the reasons behind the loss of selected sick industrial enterprises of Kerala, covering the various functional areas. All students had the opportunity to participate in this round, which benefited in understanding the real industrial issues. Based on the preliminary round performance, 32 teams were selected for the Semi Finals, which was based on a Management Extempore speech and Creativity round. After a cut throat competition, the 6 teams selected to the final round were Esprit de corps(II BBA B),Pegasus(II MBA A) business kings (II bBA b), Aspires (II BBA B),illumine (III BBA B) and Rebels (II MBA A). The finalists were given the task of presenting a Business Plan for revamping the selected sick industrial units to a profitable one. The managerial efficiency of students was exhibited well when they introduced various strategies like diversification, mergers, human resource planning, new product development etc. The best strategists, being Rebels, bagged the first place, followed by Esprit De Corps and Pegasus. Abin C Siva (II BBA B) secured the best performer awardand Sadisha V.M (II BBA B) received special recognition for her performance.  

        In order to develop the organizational, operational and negotiation skills of managements, Management club Prayag organized the Trade Fair “Mercato ‘15” on 27th Novemeber 2015. The event was marked by active participation of students. The main attractions of Mercato '15 were Funstore (Toys & Gifts), Eynes Fashion (Fancy & Beauty products), Amaira Beauty World (Cosmetics), Rassam (FMCG), Games Garage (Entertainment), X'mas Village (X'mas & New Year Gifts), Bon Natale (Apparels), Nostalgia (Preserved Food) and Amigos Stationery. Home cooked Food outlets such as Pacha Mulaku, Rassam, and Food Corner for Porotta, Kalavara, tested the taste buds of students and staff, with their delicious traditional and fast food assortments.
        The Entertainment store Games Garage (II MBA B) was a crowd puller and bagged the prize for the Best Stall and Bon Natale (II BBA B) and Amaira (II BBA A) secured second and Third prizes respectively. X'mas Village (II BBA B) selected as the Best Visual Merchandising team and Kalavara (II MBA A) claimed the deserving Best Food Stall prize.
        Varghese Moyalan (II BBA A) has been selected as the Powerful Marketer and Abhirami (III BBA A) crowned as Chef of the Day by proving her culinary skills.
Students have mobilised approximately Rs. 20000 through marketing their skills and the money was donated to the bereaved family of Mr.Roy Jose MBA student 20.13-15

            Preliminary Round competition of the much awaited “Best Management Team” event has been conducted on 09 Feb. 2016 with active and inspiring team work of 30 participating teams. It was a four staged activity in search of the best 8 Finalist Teams with the required multi tasking skills.

        The first challenge, Valmeekam intended to test the reasoning, empirical, managerial and general knowledge of the teams.

        The second round, Praguna was meant to test the creativity of presenting an idea in the most vivid manner and the third round, Karika, was intended to measure the flair for selling in our young managers. The last round, Parinati was a case analysis and presentation session which show cased the language, analytical and presentation skills of the teams
The preliminary round competitions, literally, were a battle of multi-skills and after a neck to neck race, Legacy (II BBA B), Pegasus (II MBA A), Emerald (II MBA B), Ramrod (III BBA B), Infuturo Guida (II MBA A), Brain Thrust (II BBA B), Sigma (II MBA A) and Rebels (II MBA A) were secured place in Final.

Commerce Dept

INTENZA – Intensity of Intelligence, the club of commerce believes that the best way to produce extra ordinary result is to do the ordinary things with an extra ordinary enthusiasm and intensity. It creates a sense of competition and a will to outdo others. Intenza has organized various activities which have instilled a feeling of competition and made the students competent enough to give their best at any stage, whether in academic or in the world that is waiting outside.

Various activities organized by Intenza are Ingresso (Freshers day of commerce department), Product Presentation, Presentation on various investments avenues, Personality development classes , quiz competitions, trade fair, internal seminars, group discussions, industrial visit, social visit, external seminars of dignitaries from the industry and academic etc. Intenza publishes term wise newsletters -Info Times- to provide information to the students. Intenza combines hard work, value. Integrity and urge to be competitive.

4. Department of travel and tourism.

  'Parivarthan'- A call for change, club of travel and tourism Department making bold foot prints in the world of travel and tourism .Research on Tourism Product, a presentation that made our students finds innovative ways to market tourism product. Ben venuto- A day with the fresher’s welcoming them with games, dance, songs and Quiz competition. Hotel training and its presentation where they learn about the workings in professionally .National tour is conducted for the final year students which helps them to explore various culture and tradition , hospitality, cuisine etc . Students are also provided travel agency training, Hidden Destination Promotion and Eco- Tourism presentations. Many students have already been placed in various national and international airlines, airports, hotels, travel agencies etc.

5. Department of fashion Technology. 

'Creators' - the forerunners of Department of fashion Technology are as busty as busy bees. Their work never ends and they throw surprises one after.
Activities like Creating magic with waste materials and re-using them. Waste material exhibition gave Innovative ideas on recycling. A Kids and men’s show an eye-catching exhibit. Wonders in color and intricate painting were a part of face and hand painting competition. No fashion is complete with accessories and accessory development gave us an idea of how products can be developed. Signature, a mega fashion event is conducted for the final year students with eminent personalities of fashion world.

6. Social Club. 

Benevolent Eye — a thriving club with a motto to help the needy. Every Thursday students provide food for inmates of govt. hospital Chalakudy. The students are taken for social visit to orphanages, Old age homes where they learn of a world different from theirs. Blood donation Camps are a regular feature in our college.
Like the herd of elephants which teaches its young to survive, so does our clubs lead the younger students to a fruitful future.

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