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NOISE 2K18- D J Night

 THRILOK 2K18 concluded with a live music DJ event which created a festive and energetic atmosphere were all the students enjoyed themselves. The famous DJ, Savio brought a spontaneous evening through his unique beats.



As a part of Techfest,the students of Dept of CSE have organized a ‘Scary House’ on March 07 & 08.The scenes in scary house were extremely frightening experience for the viewers. The exhibition of scary house was the depiction of the hidden talents of the students of CSE. This was one of the main events of CSE department which became a grand success. Almost 250+ visitors entered into the scary house to get a glimpse of it. The Visitors gave great inspiration and enthusiasm to the organizers of the scary house which is treated as a great recognition .



Sumo wrestling is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a wrestler attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring or into touching the ground with anything other than the soles of his feet. The event was conducted on March 7th. Students were very enthusiastic in participating in the event. For the audience, it was a new experience and they enjoyed it with great satisfaction. 


 The most awaited and attracted contest of THRILOK 2K18 was crime detection conducted by department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. It was one of the most talked event because of its organizing, designing and promotion. It was conducted in the college campus on 8th March 2018 with a huge response from both students and teachers.



The band war was one of the main attractions of tech fest. Most popular bands were participated in the event. CSE students were also participated in the competition who performed well. The college quadrangle was provided with the effects of 25000 watts sound system. The competition started in the morning session and continued till 2PM on March 8th.        



 Game of thrones was an archery event conducted by Dept of CSE. Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. The word comes from the Latin word which means ‘bow’ or ‘arch’. It is one of the main events even in Olympics. As a sport, archery requires skills of precision, control, focus, repetition and determination. This program was conducted on March 7th.   


 For the first time ever, Nirmala college of Engineering conducted an RJ Hunt as a part of Tech Fest to find out the hidden Radio Jockeys to show their talents with a live audience by their side. The competition aims to show off voice and interaction skills, sense of humor and confidence of the participants. It was held on 8th March 2018 in the college campus.

Project Exhibition EEE

The students of Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering decided to exhibit their projects under the guidance of teachers in association with THRILOK 2K18, which was a proud movement for Nirmala College of Engineering. The visitors from various institutions and departments remarked the exhibition with very positive feedback.



 The cultural fest of THRILOK 2K18 launched with a live instrumental show – LA VIVA MUSICA by Mr. Bilal & team from Kochi. The Electrical department got applaused by other departments and visitors for conducting such a remarkable program which flared up the Tech Fest.


The Electrical Association also conducted various game sessions for the students which was more attractive and entertained all the participants. Escape Plan, Glow the Bulb, Need for Speed, Minute to Win it etc. were some of the attractions in the game zone.


 The grand show was commenced by the arrival of “ponnan”,the master of singari melam which was one of the main event of Thrilok 2K18.The grand entry of ponnan teamboosted up the audience and created a positive vibe in and around the college. The evening show started with ponnan’s Blue magic. Students and staff of allthe departments were participated and gave a great feedback. The programme was a great success with the coordination of students and all faculty.



Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated scenario that simulates a realistic experience. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world in order to create a lifelike experience grounded in reality. Visitors were taken into a new world with 3D sound and visual effects. This magical illusion experience were provided to the visitors up to the end of Techfest ‘thrilok2k18’


 A Game Hub is an event where one can use a computer connected over a LAN to other computers, primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer computer games. It was a great experience for the participants to play with human brain rather than a programmed system. Multi player games viz, Need For Speed, Quake III Arena, Counter-Strike etc were included in the event . Owing to greater interest most of the students even registered more than once. This interesting event started in the beginning of tech fest and ended on march 8th. 


A programmer is a person who can create and modify computer programs. This event tested the programming skills of the participants. Students were provided with challenging topics for programming to prove their competance in software developing. The main objective of every computer science student is to become a good developer .As such, this event became a stepping stone to reach their goal as a software developer . This event was extended for two consecutive days on March 7th & 8th due to large number of participants. 


 Logo Design was yet another event of thrilok 2k18.A logo is a combination of text and visual imagery and some logos have powerful symbolic association. The students were able to express their artistic skills through this event. The visual imagery talents of the participants astonished the viewers really. This event was conducted on March 7& 8th in computer lab.


 As a part of association programme,Dept of  mechanical department conducted a cycle stunt on 8-03-2018 on the campus. The famous cycle stunt team MADS had done a variety of stunts which entertained the students. Students also took part in various stunts performed by them. Overall it was a stunning performance.


 This event was one of the main attractions of the TechFest thrilok2k18 which was also conducted on 7th & 8th March 2018. Most of the students were participated with great zeal and spirit of games. Students were extremely happy that they were able to exhibit their talents. Participants were tried to break the current record (256 words/ Minute) , but they couldn’t. 

AGNI – Quiz Competition

 As a part of THRILOK 2K18, tech fest of Nirmala College of Engineering, the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering conducted a general quiz competition in the college seminar hall on March 8, 2018. Intelligent student from various colleges participated in the quiz competition.


 A suspension bridge is a type of bridge in which the deck (the load-bearing portion) is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders. The first modern examples of this type of bridge were built in the early 19th century. Simple suspension bridges, which lack vertical suspenders, have a long history in many mountainous parts of the world.

As the part of ‘THRILOK 2018’ techfest held at Nirmala College of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering constructed a suspension bridge consisting of vertical suspenders connected with suspension cables. The bridge has a distance of 20 m in length and 1m in width. The deck of the suspension bridge is made with high strength plywood of 40 sheets of 100x30 cm dimension. The suspension cables has been anchored at each end of the bridge, since any load applied to the bridge is transformed into a tension in these main cables. 


 As part of our tech fest ‘THRILOK 2K18’ we have conducted fun games. The game was plaid as pairs and with an entry fee of Rs 20 per head. Around 30 students participated in the game. Game was conducted as thee levels. In each level there was three funny games with paper glass, cotton etc. the fastest one from the group of four will be selected to each level containing another games and one from that will be selected to the final level. The winner was awarded with a cash prize of Rs 500. It was a great success on that day. 


 As a part of techfest Thrilok2K18 a bike show was conducted. The show was organised in collaboration with  RCD club with more than 20 members of KTM bikes. The show started with a royal entry to the campus where all the students were gathered with enthusiasm and excitement. It was conducted as a part of cycle stunt.



 It was a proud moment for Nirmala college of engineering,when the students of mechanical Engineering department planned to exhibit their projects in association with Thrilok 2k18.Students from various reputed institutions visited the exhibition and came up with very positive feed back during the interactive session by the mechanical students. 


DHRISYAM – Photography Competition

 To prove the photography skills among the students, the electrical department of Nirmala College of Engineering organized a photography contest named DHRISYAM as a part of THRILOK 2K18. Many students from various colleges participated in it.



 One of the most advanced humanoid robot from Thomson Electronics Pvt Ltd  exhibited in ROBO EXPO organised by Dept   of ECE  on 8-3-2018 as a part of Tech Fest THRILOK 2K18. The robot has worked out how to sit up, crawl, dance and sing . On the other hand serious basic research for humanoid robots is going on which may have an impact on the future of robotics. The exhibition uncovered the Industrial Revolution, 20th century popular culture and our dreams of the future.Additive manufacturing, better known in the market as 3D printing (3DP), has been evolving over the past 30 years. There is growing evidence that the advancements in technology and materials have finally brought it beyond the hype stage. However, awareness of 3DP and a readiness to leverage it for prototyping, tools, fixtures and even finished products are increasing. The range of materials that can now be used is vast, including plastics, porcelain, ceramics, stainless steel, carbon, graphene, titanium and other metals. In this expo  Dept  of ECE in association with Thomson electronics exhibited a 3D printer .



 As a part of techfest ‘Thrilok 2K18’, Department of mechanical engineering conducted an air show at college ground on 7-03-2018.The show was performed by the professional team. They have introduced various types of drones during the air show. The attractive part of this session was heavy drones. They also explained about various applications of drone with practical session. The air show was very informative and well executed.



 A short film competition was conducted on 7-3-2018 by Dept of  ECE as part of tech fest THRILOK 2K18. It was a short film competition which received entries from outside the college as well as having home participation. The student coordinators were Shinu Mathew & Anjo Joy  and they organized the event well. There were altogether 12 entries and the best was chosen by the judge Mr.Rahul Murali a professional Cinematographer. The short film which bagged the first prize was “Idiyappam” by  Mr. Yadil M Iqbal.


 Jumanji is an adventurous game. It was conducted as two levels, played on a board. The game was plaid as pairs and with an entry fee of Rs 20 per head. We conducted our game in S8 civil.

The first level includes 3 games and only the winners can enter into the second level. The second level was played on the board. The board was divided into 75 columns and certain column is colored as black with tasks. After crossing the columns, the player reaches the destination will be rewarded the price money of Rs 1000.


 KSRTC engine workshop organised by Dept.of mechanical engineering aims at making the students more informative about the working of various engine parts. The students were very excited which provided an ideal platform to know more about most of the engine components. Exhibition was conducted at college ground on 7th and ,8th march 2018.



 As a part of tech fest ‘THRILOK 2K18’ held on 7th and 8th march . the students of department of civil engineering had conducted an event named ‘shadow wall’ in a enthusiastic manner 

for this event a dark room was created using black sheets and temporary shadow wall was created using phosphorous phenyl sheet.
This wall permits to capture out shadows while standing in front of it by the phenomena of phosphorescence.
The students were permitted to draw designs and write their names on the wall using laser lights.
The event proved to be a mesmerizing one especially for school students.
2000 plus students and 100 plus staffs participated in the event.


 As a part of  tech fest named ‘THRILOK 2K18’  the students of s8 civil conducted an event named slip foot in the basketball court of the college

This football is played in a readymade football court filled with air .the court is approximately 40 ft long and 20 ft wide and is made slippery
Slip football is an innovative and interesting category of football , in which the players slip and fall while they are playing. Approximately   20 teams participated in the event. Entry fee for a team consisting of three members was 300/- , and a cash price of 3000/- was given to the winning team. 


 As a part of tech fest ‘THRILOK 2K18’ held on 7th and 8th march . the students of department of civil engineering had conducted a game named ‘make it fast’ in a enthusiastic manner 

The game induced 8 minor levels as qualifiers for the main two final sessions. The game lighting of candles, coin in ring, matka pod etc were included.
The event started at 10:00 am on 7th of march and was completed by 3:30 pm. Approximately 19 groups consisting of two members each participated for the event. Registration fee for each group was fixed as 50/-. A price money of 1000/- was given to the winning team.


 The 5th Annual Association day of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of NiCE was celebrated on 3rd march, 2018 at college auditorium organized by Mrs. Preetha P, Assistant Professor in Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. A technical talk on “Renewable scenario in Kerala” was conducted by Dr.Sasidharan Sreedharan, HOD, MES College of Engineering Kuttipuram, Former Director of Thejus Group of Institutions, Former HOD at Vidya Academy of Science & Technology. As a part of the day, an exhibition related to Electrical Engineering was arranged by students under the guidance of the teachers. A technical Quiz and Paper presentation was also held followed by cultural events on the same day.


 A technical talk was conducted in association with Bharatbenz India limited on 7-03-2018 morning session. This programme aims at exposing the new technologies created by Bharatbenz.The talk was delivered by Mr. Sujith P.Vasudevan (Genaral manager,Talent Development& Value chain Division-1).In this occasion,an interactive presentation was given to the students on the technologies which are currently being used in the premium class heavy vehicles. Technical talk session also had a briefing about the Barathbenz and future vision of the company. Students had  wonderful experience about the latest technologies used in the heavy vehicles


Dept of ECE conducted a project competition called ARDUINO fest on 8th March 2018. It was organized in 3 levels. Students from various colleges participated in the event. “The projects were judged based on the students’ presentation, percentage of completion, real world applicability and originality. The students really made use of the opportunity to display their novel ideas,” explained by  Mr. Nikhil Das, CEO, Coco Labs India Pvt. Ltd. judge for the event.The first prize was bagged by a team from Sree Ernakulathappan College of Engineering and Second prize awarded to a team from Gov. Polytechnic, Kalletumakara


 Students of S4 ECE organized an exhibition on evolution of Electronics named “PRAEGRESSUS” on 7th and 8th March 2018. Evolution of Electronic devices such as telephone, television, mobile, radio, camera, various measuring instruments such as CRO, DSO, FG, Multimeter, battery, electronics based movies etc were displayed.  A section for future electronics was also placed. 


 As a part of Thrilok 2k18 the Robowar competition  was conducted on 8-3-2018 . The event witnessed active participation of over 3 dexterous teams with their skillfully crafted robots competing for a cash prize of  Rs. 9000/- Event was coordinated by Prathibha Reji Nair (Third Year Electronics). The stringent rules of the competition restricted the size, destructive features and safety weapons of each robot. Out of the three teams, the team that came first gained direct entry to the final round. The other finalist was after a play off between the other two teams. The fighting ring was callous in that it presented obstacles like flame and cutters and this took the competition to a whole new level of competence. Over all this was a competition that demanded brilliant designing, precise craftsmanship and logical excellence in equal measure.  First Prize was won by team from Jawaharlal College of Engineering and Technology.



The college teams of  Artistic props, dashing costumes, sprightly moves and oodles of energy were participated in ‘THANDAV 2K18', an inter-college dance competition organized on 08-03-2018 by the Students of Dept of ECE showed that nothing can deter their spirit when it comes to dance and any number of competitions. Fourteen college teams competed for the coveted title, which was judged by Mr. Abhijith and Mr. Nandhu (stage performer)

The event was organized for various categories like solo dance, duet dance and group dance competitions. The team from the Saraswati college, Cherpu was perhaps the only one which brought in a theme to their performance, which was well supported with props. They are the winners in duet dance and group dance. For solo dance, Mr. Shinson from Holy Grace Accademy   bagged first prize.


 Association of computer science department has conducted the workshop of game designing.Software-NUKE for the s8 & s6 students of CSE  on 3-3-18 at computer lab of Nirmala collage of engineering.The resource person is Mr.Girish  k.r who is an expert in VFX[film industry] & chief academic  officer of Flame school of Animation & VFX ,Thrissur. The session was excellent and all student has got an idea to start the designing the game.



 The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering had organized a :WorkShop on PROTEUS software " on  3rd March 2018 for the students of Second and Third  year Electronics and Communication Engineering.

The workshop was conducted by Mrs.Sumitha E (Asst Prof, Dept of ECE). She has illustrated to participants about the importance, applications,design and implementation of various circuits based or Arduino. These circuits were implemented using Proteus Software.  The participants were benefited with the workshop on various modules of circuits. It will certainly help the students to develop and design their final year projects using PROTEUS software.


 Faculty development programme on the topic  ’Android’ was conducted on 3-3-18 Saturday at computer lab of Nirmala college of Arts & Science. The session was conducted by Mr.Mithun Alumini of Nirmala college of Arts & Science. Computer science faculties of Nirmala college of engineering  &  Nirmala college of Arts & Science were participated for the same.



 Dept of ECE  had conducted a microcontroller programming contest for the 6th semester students using the microcontroller 8051.They are asked to write a program  to execute and display the result of the programs within stipulated time. Each and every student in s6 had written the programs well. The winning criteria were fixed on the speed of execution. Mr. Sarath Chandran and Ms. Prathibha Reji Nair were declared winners of the contest.



 Faculty Development Programme(FDP) on the topic  ’Android’ was conducted on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at computer lab of Nirmala college of Arts & Science. The session was conducted by Mr.Mithun Alumini of Nirmala college of Arts & Science. Faculties from Dpt of  Computer science of Nirmala college of engineering  &  Nirmala college of Arts & Science were participated for the same.


 Association Day of Department of Civil Engineering, Athiksha 2k18 was celebrated on 28th February, 2018. Mr. Joji Paul K, Assistant Engineer, Irrigation Department at Kodakara in his inaugural address urged the students to get prepared for taking up jobs in government sector as lot of opportunities are awaiting in the sector with attractive remuneration.  He also delivered a talk on “Flexible pavement laying and bridge construction” which was highly educative and informative and was well appreciated by the gathering. Prizes were distributed to winners of various competitions held as part of the association activities in the current academic year. The formal function was followed by cultural programmes. Director, Prof. A M Mathew, Principal Dr. A Surendran and General Manager   Sri. Mohanan K graced the occasion with their valuable presence. 



 Dept of ECE conducted a technical quiz for S8 students on 28/2/2018. The Quiz has been conducted with an intention to judge and enhance the understanding level of engineering subjects in their stream. The students were excited to participate as they got the platform to assess their knowledge level acquired till date.

A total of 10 teams (each consisting of three students) registered for the Quiz competition. Two round of two different fields were conducted to filter out 4 teams for the final round. A total of ten Questionnaire rounds were conducted for the 4 teams and the team with the highest score was declared as winner of the contest.
Sruthy Dhana, Zenbakh, Akhila won the Quiz competition. The quiz was organized by the faculty in-charge Ms. Maya Unnikrishnan, Asst Prof (ECE,Dept) and student coordinators Derin Kochappu and Jelin Joy.

A Talk on the topic“Tsunami and its Prediction using Numerical modelling” by Dr.Praveen S S, organized by IEDC


 A lecture on the topic “Tsunami and its Prediction using Numerical modelling” was organized by IEDC cell, Nirmala College of Engineering, Chalakudy at College Seminar hall on Monday, 26th February 2018. Dr Praveen SS, former scientist, IIT Delhi and Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt of India has delivered the lecture. During his session, he illustrated the science behind the natural calamity, Tsunami. He then moved to the presently available Tsunami prediction methods and its technology behind that. Students got benefited from his talk in such a way that, the new ideas which may leads to the new inventions will be possible only once they know the real need of the society. The speaker then proceeded towards the other part of his lecture, wherein he presented the latest tools for the prediction of Tsunami and urged students to do their academic projects in National research institutions like INCOIS, ICMAM, NIOT so on. As the speaker moved towards the conclusion, he presented the reasons for the recent Okhi calamity and the misperception of Indian media about it.

Industrial Visit -S4 & S6

 Students of S4 & S6, Department  of Computer Science and Engineering has conducted the industrial visit to BSNL ,Thrissur. Students were divided into 3 groups and sent them to different areas of industry and sessions were provided by the experts in the respective fields. Students familiarized with various communication equipments and acquired the knowledge which is highly useful for the future. The students thanked Mr.Ramesh, Asst Manager, BSNL for giving opportunity to visit their industry.



Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering conducted an industrial visit of S4 & S6 students to National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) Kayamkulam, on ?23?^rd February 2018. The session of technical class taken by Mr. Premkumar, Senior Superintendent NTPC, about the working of combined gas cycle, the fuel used in NTPC, installed capacity, the current position etc. During our plant visit, we came across a detailed study about the thermal power generation. Our students also got an opportunity to visit the NTPC control room. The students expressed their extreme gratitude to the members of NTPC and the EEE faculty accompanied them during the IV.


Industry Visit-S8

 Department of Computer science and engineering of NiCE conducted their final year Industrial visit to Spectrum Info solution P[LTD] on 21st February 2018. It was fantastic and motivational experience under the guidance of our two excellent staff Mrs. Shrijina sreenivasan & Mrs. Remya Sanoop.  The session included with trending programing language –PYTHON by Ajomol Andrews (Python Developer & Trainer) and a technical talk on Digital marketing by Arun Kumar (HR Manager). And also students got an opportunity to visit system server room of Spectrum. The students expressed their extreme gratitude to all staff and members of spectrum info solutions.



A vibrant programme was organised by th college radio ‘ NICEBEATZ’ in which R J OSCAR (Shyam) of  RADIO MANGO was the chief guest. The programme lasted for an hour from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. R J OSCAR emphasised the importance of college Radio and apprecieted  Nirmala College of Engineering for conducting such an event. The event was co-ordinated by Radio co-ordinator, Ms. Anitha Mathew. The programme was witnessed by large number of students and faculties.



Mr. Jinil from Engineering & Technology Innovation Services (E&TIS), addressing the students.

As a part of EEE Association Activity a talk on INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DESIGN was conducted at our college Auditorium from 11.45 AM to 1 PM on 19th February 2018. The programme was organized and co-ordinated by Mrs. Preetha P, Assistant Professor, Dept of EEE.  Mr. Jinil and team from E&TIS shared their knowledge on the subject which was well appreciated by all the participants. They explained various aspects on Estimation, Costing & rules and regulations for Electrical System Design for various Hi-rise and Industrial Buildings. The talk was conducted for duration of 1.15 hours with interactive session. The students asked queries regarding different rules. A full day workshop is scheduled to be conducted by second week of March 2018.


 5th association day of the computer science and engineering department was celebrated on 17-2-2018 at our auditorium. A technical talk on “Digital Marketing” was conducted by Mr.Shijo John Valappila, Crypters Info systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd. The exhibition of various technologies related to computer science was conducted as part of this. Technical gaming competitions were opened to all the students .The students also displayed food stall with items that they have prepared on their own

Arts Day

 The purpose of the Celebration of the Arts Day is to highlight our students' creative ambition and drive and to give them a chance to showcase their hard work and inspiration. Since creativity and innovation do not come in a single form or medium, our showcase highlights student work from a diverse range of genres; including music, poetry, theatre, visual art and more at the Celebration of the Arts Day. SRISHTI 2018- ARTS FEST was held on 2nd February 2018 at 2 venues, Venue 1 Auditorium and Venue 2- Seminar Hall. Various cultural events like dance, song, mime & other group eve3nts were held. All the houses competed well with each other and the event concluded with a group dance by all students.  


 A  workshop on topic  “LaTex “ was arranged for s8 & s6 computer science students at our college. Dr.V N Krishnachandran former professor ,Govt engineering college Thrissur and present vice principal ,Vidya Academy of Science & Technology shared his knowledge during the session and all the students enjoyed ,enlightened and inspired by the knowledge delivery. Students expressed their thanks and mentioned it is highly useful for their future works

Industrial Visit


On 20th February, 2018 students of S6 Civil Engineering went on an industrial visit to Neptune Ready Mix Concrete plant situated at Mundoor, Thrissur. There we came across a detailed study about Ready Mix Concrete. In that particular company they are producing ready mix concrete by collecting different constituents like aggregates, water, cement, admixtures etc.. to produce the same. They are having a production unit of 0.5m3 at once. They also have two departments viz Operations department and Quality Control department. They are carrying out different tests in their own labs. We visited their laboratory and ready mix plant. The head of Quality Control department was highly supportive and explained in detail about the functioning of the plant. We reached the college at 3:00 Pm after the visit. It was an interesting and informative visit.

Safety Awareness Programme Conducted By the Department Of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted a Safety Awareness Programme in association with Kerala Fire and Rescue Department, Chalakudy Division on 29-01-2018. This programme was aimed to give safety awareness to the students as to how  accidents can be prevented in a technical manner.

The function was started with a technical talk delivered by Mr. Joy K K, Station Officer, Kerala Fire and Rescue Department chalakudy division. In this session, a very good presentation was done on the missions being conducted by the Fire and Rescue Department. They shared their personal experiences on the missions and shown some videos of the same. They also shared how to prevent the accidents and also how to take immediate action on such situations to save a life. By the end of the session they had given  a demonstration class as to how gas explosion accidents can be prevented viz.gas leakage, regulator damage and also how to prevent explosions caused by other fuels like petrol, diesel etc.. The program was concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Akhil Viswanath K C, Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engg. Students had a wonderful experience on the fire and safety measures. 

Industrial Visit II

 The various types of dams which are being used is widely known for all among them the most complex in design and construction could be the arch dam. Only one such dam exists in India. which is located in idukki district of kerala. Needless to say a study trip to such a dam would be of immense importance to the engineering students. Hence a one day visit was planned to Idukki Arch dam. The visit was planned and executed on 27/01/2018 from 7 AM to 9PM .

The visit was permitted by Research and Safety Division of Idukki dam, Vazhathope. Sanction was allowded for the working hours of 9AM to 5PM . On arrival the students were reported to the Executive Engineer, Research and Dam Safety Division, KSEB, Vazhathope.



The event was held on 20/01/18 at the college auditorium, hosted a total of 12 teams. The duration for each presentation was 20 minutes. The diverse panel of judges ensured a fair, unbiased representation of the various semesters. The event commenced at 10 a.m. after the introductory speech, with the participating teams eager to present their ideas and innovations. It was indeed a sea of brilliance, as team after another came forward armed with incredible, original prototypes, research papers and advancements. Fielding question after question by the judges, the participants displayed their undying thirst for knowledge, whilst showcasing their immense interest and the astonishing amount of effort and research put into each of their individual presentations.

Such opportunities to foster the technical creativity and its application among students will continue to prove beneficial for building a healthy educational profile for budding engineers.

The winners list is:

S8 ECE                                               Sharon Elsa Babu & Team

S6 ECE                                               Antony Jose & Team

S4 ECE                                               Mariya Varghese & Team

Workshop on Raspberry Pi and Python programming

Dept of ECE conducted a workshop on Raspberry Pi and Python programming on  9/1/18 at our college auditorium. The workshop was conducted by Mr.Gopakumar ,Sr R&D Engineer, Rhydo technologies. The students of 4th and 6th semesters participated in the event and gathered lots of information from Mr.Gopakumar and the students appreciated for sharing the knowledge with them.



 A debate competition was conducted for S4 and S6 students of ECE dept on 06/01/18 & for S8 students on 10/01/18 at the auditorium. Ms. Sumitha E. C (AP in ECE) and Ms. Maya Unnikrishnan (AP in ECE) anchored the events respectively. They selected the participants and set the motion of the debate-“Whether group discussion is mandatory for Campus recruitment?    & “Why Engineers in banking field? “. 

Some participants argued for the motion and some against the motion. The audience highly appreciated the debate. The winners of the competition are Swathy Sathish of S4, Lakshmi Dinesan of S6 and Zenbakh of S8.



Our students of S8 CSE visited the old age home at Maria Shanthi Bhavan, Meloor on 4th January 2018.students interacted with the inmates and also had lunch with them with a touch by love and affection. The food was arranged by our students. Both the inmates and students enjoyed the moments of love and togetherness





Eye camp conducted in association with  Ahalia  Foundation Eye Hospital and Nirmala College of Engineering on 19/12/2017 being service to the community

Nexa Tech Fest Conducted By the Department Of Mechanical Engineering

 The Department of Mechanical Engineering had  conducted a TECH FEST in association with NexaMaruti Suzuki India limited on 26-10-2017’’. This programme was aimed to expose the new technologies created by NEXA. The main attractions of TECH FEST were technical talk, quiz competition, auto expo etc.


The function was started with a technical talk delivered  by Mr. Jose K I, Technical and Development Manager of BRD NEXA. The presentation emphasised on the latest technology used in Maruti Suzuki Ciaz hybrid and Baleno RS edition. In Ciaz hybrid, a hybrid engine is used with a claimed fuel economy figure of 28kmpl and in Baleno RS a boosterjet engine is used for a sporty performance. Techincal talk session also had a briefing about the NEXA and future vision of the company. A quiz competition on the modern automobile technologies was also conducted followed by the technical talk. Prizes were distributed to the winners by Mr. AkhilViswanath and Mr. Aswin M Menon Assistant Professors, Dept of Mechanical Engineering .Finally, the most attractive part of the tech fest “AUTO EXPO” was conduted in the college ground. NEXA introduced the Ciaz Hybrid and Baleno RS edition. Auto expo was a great experience for students to know more about the new variants and also to test drive the vehicles.




Industria Visit

 An Industrial visit to “Keltron Controls, Aroor, Alappuzha” was organized by the Electronics and Communication Engg. Department on Saturday, 7th October 2017. Students and faculties visited the industry to interact with them to understand Manufacturing facility, Designs for producing Control Instrumentation systems and Strategic Electronics Product. Lots of information was gathered by the students as the officials of the company were so magnanimous to share their knowledge with our students.

"You can Invent "


A Talk on the topic“You can Invent” by Praveen Vettiyattil, CEO, YCI Technologies.


A lecture on the topic “You can Invent” was organized by IEDC cell, Nirmala College of Engineering, Chalakudy at College Auditorium on Friday, 6th October 2017. The well known TEDx speaker Mr Praveen Vettiyattil, CEO, YCI Technologies has delivered the lecture. During the brainstorming session, he conveyed the ideas as to how to invent and how to convert these ideas in to a start up to our students.




During his introductory session, he coined the problems with the system- the way the Indians work and Indians live in USA. Even though 20 % of the International papers being submitted by Indians in US, innovators from India are very less in numbers.



Further, he observed that the world's best innovators are the children, who on daily basis visualize and try to conceptualize the basics behind walking and other important human necessities. Then he talked about the ideas and their origin. As the speaker moved towards the conclusion, he tried to emphasize the power of innovation and himself being an engineer urged everyone to be proud of their field of study- Engineering.


   In the afternoon session a group discussion was also organized for the IEDC members, in order to get feedback from them. The students who  in turn had asked several questions to the speaker and cleared their doubts on patent filing procedures and the process of incubation.




IEDC Summit-2017


IEDC team of Nirmala College of Engineering, Chalakudy at Adlux convention centre during the second IEDC Summit 2017, organized by Kerala Start up Mission.




International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June in the college campus.  Yoga related activities and training were given to NSS volunteers and other students by Mr.  Mohanan K , General Manager, Nirmala college of Engineering 



NSS unit – 597 of NiCE conducted NSS special camp from 23rd February 2017 to 1st March 2017. The entire unit members actively took part in the renovation of Meloor Panchayath Health Centre under the flagship programme of National Serice Scheme, Technical cell “PUNARJINI” .  The camp was inaugurated by Shri. BABU P .P, President Meloor Gramma Panchayath and Shri C.S SHAHUL HAMEED, DySP Chalakudy was the Guest of Honor.  All the 60 volunteers actively participated in the special camp and were appreciated by the Panchayath President and people of Poolani for their commitment and service to the community.


On 1st March 2017 International Women’s day was celebrated in the college. There was a detailed deliberation on the importance of Women’s Safety & Awareness. On the occasion the volunteers took oath for “women’s safety “by lighting candles in the hands. The programme was officially inaugurated by Smt. Daly Sajeev,  General Secretary Nirmala Group of Institutions. 


 A technical talk on   “Energy Auditing – principles and practices “was organized by EEE Association “ELECSPIRES “on 20th February 2017 from 2.30 PM to 4 PM at Seminar Hall. Mr. Santhosh  A ,  Certified  Energy Auditor  &  Managing  Director  ( M/s Athul  Energy Consultants, Trichur ) had  delivered the talk. The talk was focused on Energy Auditing and various procedures adopted for Energy conservation, which is mandatory for all HT consumers.

            Ms. Ashley Ajay of S8EEE welcomed the gathering.  Prof. Biju Mathews presented memento to the guest on behalf of EEE Association.  Mr. Arun M R of S6EEE expressed vote of thanks.

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