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Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering

Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering is the synergic combination of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering. The course involves the design, production and operation of all type of machineries and automobile components by applying the principles of engineering, physics and material science. Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering is the broadest and most diverse amongst all engineering disciplines. It plays a pivotal role in such industries as automotive (from the car chasis to its every subsystems engine, transmission and sensors); aerospace, biotechnology, computers and electronics, refrigeration & air conditioning, automation, manufacturing, HVAC etc. It is an evergreen field owing to its relevance and linkage with other branches of engineering. Hence, there is a wide range of scope and opportunities for students who pursue this field. It also enables the students to explore new areas, create new avenues in the fields of R&D and develop their talent in new technologies. 

The department has the following set of laboratories :
  • Computer Aided M/c & Auto Components Drafting Lab 

  • Material Testing Lab

  • Vehicle Systems Lab

  • Heat Engines Lab

  • CAD & Analysis Lab

  • Vehicle Testing Lab

  • Automotive Mechatronics Lab


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