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Social club
Social club are fantastic way to get involved and build a social response in the students of NCAS towards society. It provides a unique experience in gaining leadership skills, forming lifelong friendship and serving the society and surrounding communities. Social clubs are founded on the principles of faternity, Shared values, common interest, civic engagements and services.
The social club is a student run club within the Nirmala College of arts and science for social work that seeks to enhance the educational and provisional atmosphere within the college, while also promoting awareness of social work values within the community. The club is open to all under graduate students in the college. Members benefits from the faculty, students and networking opportunity, and gain leadership skill through services and advocacy projects.
Women‘s cell
Women are considered the most vulnerable section in any social order. Everyday several women are subjected to various forms of atrocities. One of the reasons for such incidents happen again and again is the women’s silence. Silence out of fear. All they need is to start reacting.
Women cell not only provides an emotional pad to women in distress, but also access to voluntary social organizations and legal aid cells. So they no longer have to suffer in silence, as there is someone to share problem with and to take care of the women’s.
Nature club
It is a co-curricular activity with mission .As a co-curricular activity, it offers to learn, to develop skill, use talent and have fun. As a mission it attempts to get uninitiated to enjoy and care for nature, it attempts to spread awareness about environment and undertake activities to nurture and help the environment regenerate.
Objectives of nature club

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